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November 2019
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What a Winter!

We’re just coming through our seventh winter here in Montreal. I think it’s true to say that not one has been the same and we still can’t work out the “typical” winter. Snow came early this year – we saw our first snow settle towards the end of November. However, some mild weather just before […]

Against all odds

There’s something special about being a parent of twins. I wanted to capture how I felt at this morning because it is something that will get lost in the mists of time. Maybe I need to explain the context before I go further.

Yesterday, against all odds, Millie’s ringuette team won the BKRA tournament. In […]

Too long since the last post

Time to devote a bit more attention to the blog, it’s been too long since the last posting, so having found a few minutes I thought I should add a quick update. Sophie wrote the last post way back in the summer, when she was enjoying swimming at the pool, and the warm weather. A […]

Hot Hot Hot!

So this week we have been having a big heat wave. It has been reaching 40°c each day with the humidite. but worst of all the air con is broken!!! We are all trying to keep cool. But it is not easy. Scarlett and Mr.Jinx are feeling it worse than us, they have big furry […]

An active life

A few months ago, I was playing hockey and a good friend suffered a heart attack while on the ice. As it happened, it turned out that he was lucky that he was playing hockey, both because of the guys on the teams with medical training who were able to help him, and the proximity […]

Local Wildlife

We may not have the “big” wildlife on Montreal island, that you get elsewhere in Canada (moose and bears are pretty rare around here!), but the little ones still make their presence known.

Around Easter time we heard scratching in the attic above our bedroom. We got the local pest control guy out to check […]

Chocolate and Crisps!


I never thought I’d get excited about a packet of cheese and onion crisps, but five years in Canada does strange things to you! For my birthday this year, Millie and Sophie visited the local English Store, Bramble House. You can see my present in the photo. Teabags, crisps, “proper” chocolate and pickled eggs…what […]

Classe Neige

Last week, Sophie and I went away with school for 3 days and 2 nights. We went to le P’tit Bonheur, an outdoors camp. We went on the Monday and we came back on the Wednesday. When we got there, we met the monitors – Bleus, Delta, Alter, Imagine and Gauther.

We did all of […]

Boy, it’s cold!!!

We have to admit to having a little smile (well, quite a laugh actually) when we read comments on Facebook from friends about how cold it has been recently in the UK, and just how much snow there has been. Really??? Let me update you on our last month…

On December 27th, the day that […]

Scarlett and Mr. Jinx

Scarlett and Mr.Jinx are the cats that we recently adopted. They are very timide. We got them on December 16th 2012. When they came home, they lived in mummy and daddy’s bedroom. They kept mummy and daddy awake all night long for at least a week. Then we left the door open so […]