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September 2019
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Our April

To start, I thought you might like to see a pint of beer here in Montreal…no joke…

We went out for some food last week, and Doug asked for a beer. It came complete with orange. No isolated incident either…it’s happened lots, just that we haven’t managed to get a photo of it before!

We’ve […]

What a weekend

They say sleep deprivation is an effective means of torture…maybe the interogators should ask suspects to try to sleep whilst 4 or more girls have a sleepover. Only joking, it wasn’t that bad, and nothing an early night won’t cure. The girls enjoyed themselves with movies, a midnight feast and a lot of giggling and […]

A cold holiday

So we’re half way through our Spring break holiday, happily relaxing at Centreparcs.

Starting at the beginning we headed to the UK for a couple of days of work, an evening of bowling with Kim, Phil and gang, before driving down to Woolacombe to see Marsha and Jon’s tribe. We had a couple of good […]

Our newish house

Now we are in and settled, we thought we should add some photos of our new house those those who aren’t on Facebook and didn’t see Jo’s post.

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The back yard

The garage on the side

The front

The front (from the other side)

The fireplace in the family room

The family room

The lounge

The dining room

The breakfast nook

The kitchen

The basement

The workshop in the basement

First of 2010

It seems a long time since Christmas, and the realisation that we haven’t written anything for a few days. 2010 has started relatively gently so far. We’re just gearing up for the girls 9th birthday this week. I can’t believe they are going to be nine already.

So, today meant a day in Fairview Shopping […]

Olympic Flame

We’ve just had a great evening down at Centenial Park welcoming the Olympic Flame to Beaconsfield. Here’s a few photos to enjoy.

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The girls and the Olympic Mascots

Everyone enjoying a cold winter’s night

Painting to the Black Eyed Peas

All hand painted, no brushes

Presented by Coca Cola

Flying through the air with the greatest of ease

Just hanging around

And the real reason we were there! The flame

It made you want to be Canadian, especially when they playd the National Anthem.

Bits and pieces

Last night was monster mash, a halloween disco at school, Sophie went as a tiger and Millie as a dog. It was great to see the girls just go charging off with their friends. Tonight is Halloween, so we’re off to Julia and Andre’s before trick and treating around the neighbourhood.

Jo’s still enjoying her […]

Trip to Niagara

Last weekend, we headed to Niagara, taking advantage of the Labour Day holiday. With work still being hectic, we decided to make an early start for the 5 1/2 hour drive to Toronto on Saturday. Luckily we were able to borrow one of the work hire cars, as it had a DVD player built into […]

Pour practiquer mon français

Je suis desole parce que je n’ecris pas pour quleques jours. Je pense que je practiquerais mon français un peu. Chaque semaine Jo et moi ont deux leçons françaises. J’ aimerais penser que nous faisons des progres en français.

Dans chaque leçon, nous essayons d’introduire un subject drole. Aujourd’hui, Jo a racontré un article du […]

Little known facts

Did you know…

Ducks go wack!!!

Indigans live in teepees!!

We have a Toko Rav 4!!

Football is really called Sockurrr!!

You should wear pants on top of underwear