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August 2019
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When the body realises it is not 18 anymore

So three weeks ago I was taking part in a ‘Ringuette for parents’ session. What should have been a fun hour of drills and then a bit of a scrimmage, didn’t turn out quite the way it should have.

I realise this pales into insignificance when compared to other things going on in the world […]

Le Stade Olympique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Tuesday Millie and I went to the Olympic Stadium with school. It took an hour and 20 minutes to get there. But it was worth it. Each monitor had a nickname mine was Peanut and Millie’s were Kiwi and Goofy. First we went swimming in the pool. But it was a different pool. It […]

My Answers from Santa

I wrote a letter to Santa and asked him a few question, here are some of my answers from Santa.

1.Why does Rudolph have a red nose?

That is a very good question, and one that needs a very good answer. Rudolph is a very special reindeer, who was born with a red nose. […]

Sunny Acres

So Sophie and I have been going to Sunny Acres now for 2 weeks. We are in the dolphins 1 and are having a great time. We have really nice counsellors (called Erica and Kayla) and a really fun schedule that is:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Dance Tennis Wall Climbing Drama Dance Basketball Karate […]

Hemal’s wedding

Last weekend saw us heading to Rhode Island for Hemal’s wedding. It was our first venture into the US of A, but well worth it. We drove down through Vermont, which was a very pleasant drive. Vermont had the air of somewhere off the beaten track, where life just bumbled along. It got busier as […]

Millie and Sophie’s Canada Poem

Life in Canada

The house is so nice, there are no Mice, In the Summer it is fun because of the sun, In the fall it is fun to kick a ball I wish we could have a pet but because of the let If I had a wish I would wish for a fish.


One year on

I meant to write this a few weeks ago, but given we’ve just celebrate the fact that we have been in Canada for over a year now, I thought now was a good opportunity. Last night we had a party for the friends we have made over the past year who have made us so […]

Another Canadian Tradition…curling…

Doug has his canoe and his fly fishing…Millie and Sophie are playing Ringuette…so I decided that I wanted to try something new too.

I was talking with one of our friends Dawn a couple of weeks ago (Dawn is Millie and Sophie’s piano teacher, and is also wife of Gary in the office) and we […]

The big 40

So is it time to admit that I might be middle aged – what a scary thought, that I might have to grow up just a bit. The reality is that it felt like all other birthdays brought alive by the excitment of Millie and Sophie, as they desparately try to keep a secret. That, […]

Cabane a Sucre

So, what is cabane a sucre? It’s also known as a Sugar Shack. As we’ve said before, the Quebec people find any excuse to celebrate something, and this time we were celebrating the sap starting to flow through the maple trees. Seriously? Yes, completely!

So, last Saturday morning we joined 40 others from […]