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November 2019
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Soccer … Pool ….

So this year Millie and I are playing eleven a side soccer for lakeshore soccer in house league. We have played for the last two years but seven a side. At the beginning, we last 2-0 about five times straight but we turned it around and have won four games in a row. Last game […]

Good News

Yesterday Doug got a great birthday present. We heard that we’re on the final leg of getting permanent residency. It is now just the formality of getting the stamps in the passports, and that’s it. So hopefully within two weeks we will have permanent resident status in Canada, which means we can pretty much come […]


We seem to be doing a bit of waiting at the moment…

Waiting for the results from our permament residency application. We’ve done all that we can, and don’t believe there are any outstanding issues, so now it is just a matter of waiting for our application to be processed and the rubber stamp given. […]

New School Year already

So…it’s now 3rd September. We’re on a long weekend for Labour Day and it’s 29C outside. What more could we ask for!

Millie and Sophie started their new school on Monday last week. I think we were all quite anxious about it, going into a fully French environment for the first time. At least at […]

And Summer marches on..

As we enjoy the hot summer days and evenings, it occured to me today that the school holidays are nearly over. Only another three weeks to go! The girls have played their last soccer match of the summer and Ringuette started again today.

Maybe a mistake but I tried to do some gardening this weekend, […]

Soccer and Jazz

Last weekend was one of those gorgeously hot sunny weekends. I managed a 50km cycle from home to Lachine and back – really enjoying my new bike. I didn’t bank on the fact that the wind would be so strong on the way back!

Interesting fact for the day – Under the French Regime, in […]