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November 2019
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Family Canoe Camping

After a bit of persuading, I managed to talk Jo and the girls into a canoe trip back in May. Four days paddling in Algonquin park, the plan was to drive to Rock Lake, portage into Penn Lake, find a campsite for three nights before returning back the same way – it was a simple […]

Belize – March Break

Just trying to catch up on a few posts that should have been made some time ago.

Our Cabana at the Tropical Centre

Back in March, we had a wonderful week in Belize with Island Expeditions on their ‘Glover’s Reef and River of Caves’ trip. It was an opportunity to get some sunshine after […]

Summer’s Here

Things finally seen to have started to calm down a bit this year, and now in the height of summer. From a personal point of view, two things have dominated. (1) hitting my head back in March, and suffering the lingering effects of a concussion ever since, and (2) trying to deliver a huge project […]

Soccer … Pool ….

So this year Millie and I are playing eleven a side soccer for lakeshore soccer in house league. We have played for the last two years but seven a side. At the beginning, we last 2-0 about five times straight but we turned it around and have won four games in a row. Last game […]

Whales and Trout

So just back from five days in Charlevoix. We stayed at Pourvoirie Humanité, an outfitter based about 10km north of Baie St Catherine. It was about a six hour drive from home with a couple of stops, but easy to find once we had the right address.

We had a cabin overlooking a lake, a […]

Winterlude in Ottawa

Last weekend we headed up to Ottawa for Winterlude – otherwise know as skating on the Rideau canal. They open up over 7km for you to skate along. So once we’d got ourselves organised, got to Ottawa, had lunch, we hit the ice. We skated over 8km (just over half way and back) on Friday […]

Rockies pt 4 – Three Bars Ranch

What can I say…it was simply awesome. Never before have we all come away from a holiday with tears in our eyes. It was simply magical and an experience we shall never forget.

The Balmer Posse

To give some context, the idea was first mooted about a year ago, when I was talking with […]

Rockies pt 3 – Banff

All zoo’d out, we headed up to Banff for a few days. Again, for a while we thought the cloud was right down, but no…it was still the smoke from BC giving a smoky haze to every view.

The Hoodoos near Banff

Jo and I had been in Banff about 12 years ago, and […]

Rockies pt 2 – Calgary Zoo

So a day of dinosaurs was followed by a day at Calgary Zoo. It’s a huge zoo with large enclosures for the animals and one of the best in North America. As we ambled through the zoo, it was nice to be able to drop into various presentations by the zoo staff. We learnt about […]

Rockies pt 1 – The dinosaurs

At last the vacation could begin, somewhat more stressfully than expected as the pool sprang a leak the night before we were to fly. After half the pool had emptied and we had turned off the pump, we could finish the packing. Camera – check, passports – check, cowboy boots – not check (must remember […]