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August 2019
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One year on

I meant to write this a few weeks ago, but given we’ve just celebrate the fact that we have been in Canada for over a year now, I thought now was a good opportunity. Last night we had a party for the friends we have made over the past year who have made us so […]

So where is all the snow?

A week of near normality, school, work, sorting the house, oh and waiting for the snow.

Now it’s not concerning us too much at this stage, as we know it will come. It’s just that we keep seeing snow on the weather forecast, but then it seems to miss us. We’ve had a bit today […]

Buying Cars in Montreal

So, the day started off with one aim…to buy a car so that we don’t have to rely on hire cars anymore. Although my golf has been sold, Doug’s A6 Avant is still sat on Richard and Sue’s drive, so we haven’t gone mad with our selection of vehicles to look at purchasing. We had […]

What a few days

As I write this, Jo and Sophie are continuing to try out another of the key services in Quebec. Soph had been off school a week or so ago with a vomiting thing. We thought she had got over it and so she was back at school all last week. On Friday, she was a […]

Our stuff arrives…

Wednesday morning was very cold. There were even flakes of snow falling. But we didn’t care…our container was being delivered. By 10am it had arrived and the fun started.

All the way from England

One of the guys offloading the container proudly told us that he was a Brit too, but his family had […]

The ship has arrived…

Yes, we heard this morning that the ship has arrived in Montreal with our container aboard. It’s only taken 3 weeks from Solihull, which has been a real surprise to us. We’ll be going to the docks on Monday morning to get customs clearance, and then the shipping company expect to deliver it to us […]


Well we celebrated Thanksgiving in our own little way, with Roast beef, Yorkshire Puddings, Orange cauliflower (but no blue potatoes – that would be silly obviously, we’ll have them on Monday instead). That was all washed down with some very nice Canadian wine, and then Apple and Cinnamon pie. It will be Turkey next year.


Things are moving and so are we hopefully…

It feels like we’re starting to make some progress. We went to our new house last night with Magali, our wonderful realtor (kind of an estate agent but better, and nicer, and working her socks off for us.) and Alberto, our friendly face in Montreal, our relo agent. He’s been a real help and has […]

Millie and Sophie save the day

We’ll we’ve been here nearly a week now, time has flown by, and it’s been a bit topsy turvy. We spent the first four days in the Residence Inn in downtown Montreal, and then on Friday we moved out to a lovely apartment in Westmount (just west of downtown).

Jo and the girls went […]

Two great girls

At last we’re here in Montreal. We’ve had two very long days. Yesterday it was up at 6am to get the airport with all our bags piled in on top of us. A short delay before take off added to the fun/ tension depends upon your point of view. Fog in Paris delayed our flight […]