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August 2019
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Soccer and Jazz

Last weekend was one of those gorgeously hot sunny weekends. I managed a 50km cycle from home to Lachine and back – really enjoying my new bike. I didn’t bank on the fact that the wind would be so strong on the way back!

Interesting fact for the day – Under the French Regime, in […]

Soccer World Cup, should we be watching it? discuss…

After a glorious hot sunny morning, the clouds have rolled in and it’s now heaving down with rain (by the bucketload), we’ve expecting the thunder any time soon. But as it has put pay to my idea of heading out for a bike ride, I thought I’d add something to the blog.

We understand the […]

The Playoffs

What can I say, life has been taken over by the Playoffs during the past month. Go Habs Go!! For those who are wondering what on earth I’m talking about, it’s hockey, hockey and hockey. It becomes an obsession, and Canada gets whipped into a sense of frenzy and in Montreal when the Habs are […]

Our April

To start, I thought you might like to see a pint of beer here in Montreal…no joke…

We went out for some food last week, and Doug asked for a beer. It came complete with orange. No isolated incident either…it’s happened lots, just that we haven’t managed to get a photo of it before!

We’ve […]

One year on

I meant to write this a few weeks ago, but given we’ve just celebrate the fact that we have been in Canada for over a year now, I thought now was a good opportunity. Last night we had a party for the friends we have made over the past year who have made us so […]

Cabane a Sucre

So, what is cabane a sucre? It’s also known as a Sugar Shack. As we’ve said before, the Quebec people find any excuse to celebrate something, and this time we were celebrating the sap starting to flow through the maple trees. Seriously? Yes, completely!

So, last Saturday morning we joined 40 others from […]

A night with the Canadiens

After six months in Montreal, last night Doug and I finally made it to an ice hockey match. For those of you not quite up to speed on Ice Hockey:

– Ice Hockey is THE sport of Canada

– The local team is the Montreal Canadiens (aka The Habs, although no-one can tell us where […]

Our Ped day

Today, we went to this place called the ‘Universe of Sled dogs’. It was really fun. I stroked a puppy and had a sled dog ride. I also went in a snowy maze, and well.. got lost at the start until I found the secret door. I went on a skidoo ride and a sleigh […]

Inappropriate use of an ice axe lesson no. 2

Following on from lesson 1, where we learnt to use an ice axe to break the ice from the guttering so we could hang the christmas lights, we can now introduce you to lesson 2. It’s a bit earlier than planned but here goes, we hope you’re ready for it, remember to practise at home […]

C’est fantastique!

Can you believe it was -17 degrees when I went out this morning and it was incredible. Bright sunshine and not a cloud in the sky!

Here’s a few photos so you can see why we are enjoying ourselves so much. Sorry, Kim, we’re not trying to make you jealous!

#gallery-2 { margin: auto; } […]