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November 2019
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Against all odds

There’s something special about being a parent of twins. I wanted to capture how I felt at this morning because it is something that will get lost in the mists of time. Maybe I need to explain the context before I go further.

Yesterday, against all odds, Millie’s ringuette team won the BKRA tournament. In […]

Summer’s Here

Things finally seen to have started to calm down a bit this year, and now in the height of summer. From a personal point of view, two things have dominated. (1) hitting my head back in March, and suffering the lingering effects of a concussion ever since, and (2) trying to deliver a huge project […]

A new day

As I got to the station this morning, despite the grey skies and a bit of rain, there seemed to be a spring in everyone’s step. There were more smiles on the platform and more conversation on the train. As I walked towards my first meeting, there was a warm feeling of satisfaction that those […]

Swim Team

So for the summer Millie and I have joined the swim team at the local pool, Beacon Hill outdoor pool. So we are the Beacon Hill beavers. We have made lots of friends and have two very nice instructors, Nick & Samara. Each week we have a swim meet against another pool. Each swim meet […]

An active life

A few months ago, I was playing hockey and a good friend suffered a heart attack while on the ice. As it happened, it turned out that he was lucky that he was playing hockey, both because of the guys on the teams with medical training who were able to help him, and the proximity […]

Time to be thankful

Just realised the time since the last post… time has raced by, it will be Christmas soon!

As I sit down to write this post it’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, so Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

There really is so much to be thankful for. We’ve been blessed with the most amazing weather this summer, and […]

Soccer … Pool ….

So this year Millie and I are playing eleven a side soccer for lakeshore soccer in house league. We have played for the last two years but seven a side. At the beginning, we last 2-0 about five times straight but we turned it around and have won four games in a row. Last game […]

Sleep, Food & Happiness

Today’s one of those days, Sophie is tired and needed more sleep last night than she got. Because she’s tired, she does not eat so much. End result – verbal outburst, and generally unacceptable behaviour. The same can be true of Millie, but so far she’s on good form today. However, whether it is a […]

Good News

Yesterday Doug got a great birthday present. We heard that we’re on the final leg of getting permanent residency. It is now just the formality of getting the stamps in the passports, and that’s it. So hopefully within two weeks we will have permanent resident status in Canada, which means we can pretty much come […]

Ivory Milestone

So this week, Jo and I got to 14 years of marriage, how the years have flown by. Who’d have thought 14 years ago that:

we would have 11 year old twin girls we’d be living in Canada, trying to learn french Jo and the girls would be playing a game called Ringette, and I […]