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December 2019
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An active life

A few months ago, I was playing hockey and a good friend suffered a heart attack while on the ice. As it happened, it turned out that he was lucky that he was playing hockey, both because of the guys on the teams with medical training who were able to help him, and the proximity […]

Good News

Yesterday Doug got a great birthday present. We heard that we’re on the final leg of getting permanent residency. It is now just the formality of getting the stamps in the passports, and that’s it. So hopefully within two weeks we will have permanent resident status in Canada, which means we can pretty much come […]

A good start to summer

Well it’s been blue skies and over 25 degrees for the past couple of weeks, it’s been great. It is so nice driving alongside the lake each morning, makes you think that all’s well in the world. That said the lake is so much lower than normal it is starting to affect ships passing through […]

Our April

To start, I thought you might like to see a pint of beer here in Montreal…no joke…

We went out for some food last week, and Doug asked for a beer. It came complete with orange. No isolated incident either…it’s happened lots, just that we haven’t managed to get a photo of it before!

We’ve […]

‘O’, ‘O’, ‘O’ – its magic you know!

I thought I’d combine two things into one post.

The first was that I ran in the annual Mont Royal score ‘O’ event today. A 2 hour run/ walk/ climb up, down and around the mountain. I did the same event last year and I thought that after getting back into running regularly it might […]

Bits and pieces

Last night was monster mash, a halloween disco at school, Sophie went as a tiger and Millie as a dog. It was great to see the girls just go charging off with their friends. Tonight is Halloween, so we’re off to Julia and Andre’s before trick and treating around the neighbourhood.

Jo’s still enjoying her […]

Ringuette and more

Whilst we’re not quite in the ‘Hockey Mum’ scenario yet, Ringuette is starting to rule the weekends. Today was week three, and the weekend was spent acquiring more hockey/ ringuette gear – we now have knee/shin pads, hip pads, neck guards, helmets, gloves, and skates and a huge bag to fit it all in, before […]

‘O’ – what a few weeks

We’re just back from a two week spell in the UK. The first obstacle was managing the overnight flight from Montreal, and one which we failed miserably at. The girls managed to keep going all through the flight without any sleep. We then flew on to Edinburgh the next day for our holiday to start […]

Bits and Bobs

Last weekend, saw the first ‘O’ event of the year for us in Canada. It was a gorgeous morning for a run or walk around the streets of Beaconsfield. Jo and the girls ran/ walked a 5km course whilst I ran around a 7km course. Lots of fun and good to be out in the […]

Happy Easter

A bit late I know, but I hope everyone had a good Easter break. School terms are a little different here, so since Xmas we’ve had the one week holiday at the beginning of March, and apart from Good Friday and Easter Monday as holiday’s, the girls have pretty much a straight run through to […]