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Whales and Trout

So just back from five days in Charlevoix. We stayed at  Pourvoirie Humanité, an outfitter based about 10km north of Baie St Catherine. It was about a six hour drive from home with a couple of stops, but easy to find once we had the right address.

We had a cabin overlooking a lake, a treehouse for the girls to play in, and a small motorboat to get around the lake in, but no electricity or WIFI much to the girls initial bemusement. It covered seven or so lakes where you could go fishing for trout, some were stocked on a weekly basis and hence easier than the main lakes. Once we were there we only left once to go Whale watching, otherwise we spent the time reading, fishing, playing badminton and cards or just relaxing. For the record Millie and I caught seven trout between us. 

On Tuesday we headed to Tadoussac for lunch and a Whale watching tour. The weather was a bit iffy, sometimes clear, sometimes cloudy and sometimes so misty you could bearly see across the street. We didn’t think it would bode well when we were out looking for whales. But the day was a great success. We saw Beluga Whales from the ferry as we crossed from Baie St Catherine to Tadoussac. After a wonderful lunch in the Hotel Tadoussac we caught a shuttle bus to the quay and boarded the boat. I should say at this point we had had a good few discussions on which trip we should go on. Jo was adamant that a small zodiac was not for her (after our experience off Vancouver Island – 13 years ago). The girls sided with Jo and thus it was agreed the bigger boat it was.

So we got on the boat before a huge downpour, and then headed out into the mist really wondering what we would actually see or not as the case might be! However we weren’t disappointed, we quickly saw seals and Minke Whales, then we saw a pod of huge Fin Whales, then more Minke Whales, then Fin Whales, and then lastly but definately not least a Humpback Whale! We lost count of the number of whales we actually saw, but it was great to see them up close. The Humpback Whale was the star of the show though, as it is one of the few whales that lifts its tail before diving. A good trip!

On our way back we stopped off in Quebec City for a few hours to eat at Le Cochon Dingue, and a wander around the streets of the old town, this time enjoying the street cafe culture, the music and energy of summer. So now back to reality and a return to work and school – so where did the summer go?

Here’s some photos of our trip to finish.

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