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New School Year already

So…it’s now 3rd September. We’re on a long weekend for Labour Day and it’s 29C outside. What more could we ask for!

Millie and Sophie started their new school on Monday last week. I think we were all quite anxious about it, going into a fully French environment for the first time. At least at Christmas Park School they had one day of English and the next of French. At Ecole St Remi, English is banned! Well…supposedly, but they do get away with speaking it in the playground from what we hear. The girls have pleasantly surprised us once again and have settled in really quickly. They appear to understand everything going on in class, and while they may not understand every word completely, they get the gist of it all and are able to contribute. I think the only class they didn’t enjoy was Anglais…typical huh?!

Today was the end of the soccer season for the girls. This year was their first year of soccer play-offs, now they’re in F-10, and their team got all the way through to the finals. Unfortunately they lost today, but they had so much fun and played their hearts out. Second in the league isn’t bad after all, given that our team had one practice a week…the opposition’s coach had her girls training four times in the past week in preparation for the finals!

Ringuette has also started in anger, which made soccer particularly hard today, as they were on the ice at 8am and had to be on the soccer pitch for 9.15am. The girls have now moved up a class in ringuette and will play in Atome this year. Having had two camps over the summer for ringuette, we were amazed to see them on the ice today…confident, smiling and skating fast. What a difference a year makes!

Finally, our other news is that we have now received our Quebec Selection Certificates. We are only able to stay in Canada for five years on a visa, and so a couple of months ago we applied for permanent residency. This will give us more flexibility and give us more options on what we do going forward (and gives us more rights here in Canada). Doug got fantastic marks in the TEFaQ French Test, which meant that we were able to fast-track our application. Now that the Quebec side is over, we just need to finalise the process with the Federal application, where they check us out and decide if we’re good enough to stay (police checks, medicals, financial checks, etc.). This step can take anything from 8-13 months, but at least we’ve got through the hardest bit. At least we hope so…

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  • Liz

    Hey Doug, Jo and the ever bigger girls!
    Sorry not to have been much in touch this last year, and as ever, have little to present in means of a defence! However, I do think of you all quite often – any time anyone mentions Canada, for example – and as I work in French language area then that’s quite often actually! I was wondering how the French was coming on, and especially whether you had plans to try and stay for longer – and now I know! Can’t blame you at all, even with ups and downs that are every body’s lot in life, your postings always seem so full of the positives of being out there, that I was only waiting to find out WHEN rather than IF you would stay!
    Congrats thus on the TEFaQ French test – do you have to do that even if you don’t want to live in Quebec?
    La prochaine fois tu me répondras en français, ah, Doug, comme ça tu pratiques encore un peu plus ton écrit – moi je suis contente d’avoir trouvé des e-livres en italien pour mon nouveau Kindle – quel gadget génial! ;-)))
    Allez, je vous embrasse tous très fort, et j’espère que vous ne m’en voulez pas trop pour tout ce temps sans contact!

    Biiiizzzzz (non, ce n’est pas du français ça!)


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