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3 years on

Three years ago today we headed for the airport and flew to start our adventure in Montreal. I don’t think any of us really knew how it would work out, and there was a fair bit of trepidation as we landed.

On Lac St Louis, 5 mins from home

So much has happened, so many new experiences. I was thinking back over some of my best memories of being here, canoeing on flat calm lakes, whilst Jo and the girls sleep, must be right up there. Together as a family we’ve discovered the game of Ringuette, a game we never knew existed, but has been a game we can all enjoy. The girls play, I try to coach, and Jo screams from the bleachers. And now Jo’s decided if you can’t beat them, join them and so she has signed up for ‘Ringuette for mums’ and will be out on the ice soon. Meanwhile I’ve signed up to learn how to play hockey. Then there’s been watching whales in the St Laurent, and seeing Moose and Bears in Algonquin. There was the most amazing vacation at 3 Bars Ranch, which only fueled Millie’s love of horses, and gave us our City Slickers moment. The list could go on..

Three years has passed far too quickly, and whilst we are starting to really feel comfortable in Montreal and be able to consider a future here, there is still so much to learn. Our French is improving in baby steps. We really do need to immerse ourselves but the West Island makes it too easy for us to fall back to English. That said I would never have been able to listen to the radio in french and pick up the theme if not all of the details, or watch hockey in french and enjoy the commentary before we lived in Quebec. Millie and Sophie’s french is coming on now they are at St Remi, a totally french school, which they are loving.

Millie in Goal

We’re just glad we’ve been able to extend our assignment in Montreal and consider building a real future here. I don’t think any of us are ready to consider having the return to the UK.  

Maybe it was summed up when after Jensen Button won the Montreal Grand Prix we asked Sophie what song was being playedand she didn’t know, it was “God Save the Queen”. The next night, we were watching the hockey, they play the anthems at the start of each game, and there she is standing singing   “Oh Canada” at the top of her voice. I think we might be turning Canadian.. mais oui.

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  • Liz

    Salut tout le monde!
    Je suis vraiment contente que tout se passe si bien, et pleine d’admiration pour Doug qui a si bien réussit ses examens de français, là – chapeau! Alors les filles, tout se passe bien à l’école maintenant?, vous participez de plus en plus j’imagine, je serais bien curieuse de vous rencontrer et vous entendre papoter en français à la canadienne! ;-))) Des fois les gens ici pensent que je suis canadienne, car je n’ai pas vraiment l’accent anglais non plus – étant du nord-ouest, ça fait mal comprendre dans toutes les langues – lol!!!!
    J’envoie notre carte demain, avec la lettre de Noël dedans, et maintenant que j’ai retrouvé votre site (et sauvé sur le Mac) je regarderai plus souvent pour prendre de vos nouvelles!

    Grosses bises à vous tous,


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