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November 2019
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Ice and cakes

It’s been a hectic month so far. First it was good to have Doug’s parents with us for a few weeks. The girls had a chance to celebrate their birthday with Granny and Grumpy. No mishaps with their snowshoeing this year, so all was good with the world.  This was also Jo’s first opportunity of the year to make a couple of cakes and show off her cake decorating prowess once more before they were eagerly devoured.

Jo’s cakes have gone from strength to strength and now she is starting to be asked to make cakes for others. The latest creation being an ‘Angry Bird’ cake. Maybe we should create a cake gallery on the blog. Jo even gave Doug’s mum a lesson in making icing roses. Millie and Sophie joined in, although Sophie, having not listened to the instruction, created some which looked more like furballs!

Doug’s involvement with icing, takes a somewhat different form. last Sunday was the first time he was able to return to play hockey after his concussion – great news but he felt the effects of six weeks with no exercise.

Staying with the ice theme, the Skittlebombs have had a storming month so far. Having struggled for the majority of the season, something clicked and Millie and Sophie’s Ringuette team started winning games. First they beat Pierrefonds, then lost to 4 cities in a nailbitter – but it felt like a win as they are the strongest team in the league, and they beat us 17-1 at the start of the season. So the team was on a high as we headed into the BK Ringuette tournament, the success continued as they won their next 3 games, 4-1, 10-1 and 4-2. If you had asked us a week earlier there’s no way we would have thought we would be competing for a place in the final. The girls just seemed to gel as a team, and played their hearts outs. So they just needed to win their last game to get into the final. Alas, it was one too many and the Skittlebombs lost 1-4. But with the effort and the way they played, all the coaches and parents were so proud. Maybe it has given them a taste of success we can take into our next tournament in Ottawa.

We’ve also been able to try something a little different to what we were used to in the UK. Doug’s built an ice rink in the backyard for the girls (and Doug) to practice on. See below for a step by step guide to our way of building a ice rink. All we need know is for the weather to co-operate. The temperatures have been fluctuating and we’ve had a mix of snow/ rain and freezing rain. All in all, it’s been a messy winter so far, not without some unpredictability – in the paper today was a picture of a truck, which had broken through the ice on the lake – yes, it’s common to see pickups out on the lake next to guys ice fishing all through winter – just this time the ice wasn’t quite thick enough.

Anyway must go, time for another Ringuette game – Let’s go Skittlebombs!!!

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