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June 2019
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We seem to be doing a bit of waiting at the moment…

Waiting for the results from our permament residency application. We’ve done all that we can, and don’t believe there are any outstanding issues, so now it is just a matter of waiting for our application to be processed and the rubber stamp given. 2 months ago we were told it should take between 2 and 5 months for the federal immigration service to process it, so any day now.

Waiting for our tenants to move out of our house in the UK so that we can put it up for sale, and then start looking for a house here in Canada. Hopefully in two weeks time, it will be all systems go to getting the house on the market.

Waiting for summer and that means soccer for the girls, canoeing and fly fishing for me, and sunshine for Jo. The winter has passed, the ice rink in the backyard has melted, we’ve even washed the car! All the snow has long gone, and we’re now in that slightly boggy spell as the ground tries to soak up all the meltwater and rain. Here’s hoping for a long summer, with lots of barbeques, and swimming in the pool and bike rides along the lake.

After my first real game

Waiting for the next Hockey season. With the Habs disasterous season and not even making the play offs, it will be a long summer without Montreal buzzing with the excitement of previous years. It’s made all the worse as the Bruins have got to the play offs once again.

And dare I say it waiting for the next Ringuette season. Oh ok, we’ll enjoy the break for a while, but it has been so much fun for the whole family that it will be good to start up again. Millie and Sophie had their last game yesterday, making the final of the St Eustache tournament with the Excellence Ringuette Atome C team. They’ve both developed so much this year, Millie’s skating has improved, and Sophie has loved being in goal. In the meantime, Doug will continue to play hockey over the summer – there’s only one kind of hockey if you are (or are aspiring to be Canadian) and it is played on ice. I never thought I’d ever be taking up hockey at the wrong side of 40, but I’ve really enjoyed it, even got two goals last night! But let’s just say I’m no Sydney Crosby, despite having fun trying!


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