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November 2019
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Good News

Yesterday Doug got a great birthday present. We heard that we’re on the final leg of getting permanent residency. It is now just the formality of getting the stamps in the passports, and that’s it. So hopefully within two weeks we will have permanent resident status in Canada, which means we can pretty much come and go as we please, and gives us the flexibility to stay in Montreal as long as we want, if that’s what we decide to do.

It’s going to be a busy weekend. Last night I played hockey, I hope I’m getting better slowly. Then today we’re off to see Montreal Impact play vs LA Galaxy. Jo’s only going because David Beckham is playing, but it should be a fun afternoon. There’s more than 60,000 going, 4 times the normal attendance, such is the pull of DB. We think we’ll then head down into China town and introduce the girl’s to some really good chinese food, now they are starting to become a bit more adventurous. Then tomorrow, we’ve got orienteering at Bois de Liesse, followed by going to an open house to view a house in Beaconsfield, part of the journey of deciding if we should buy one in Canada (once we get rid of our tenants and sell the house in the UK). Then more hockey and Ringuette for Doug and Jo in the evening. It makes a change for Millie and Sophie to have to go to an arena for mum and dad, it’s normally the other way around.

I’ll end with a warning – Jo’s taken up kick boxing. She’s been 3 times this week, and loving it through the pain, aching muscles and advil. Together with Vanessa, she’s on a mission. Millie and Sophie – be afraid, be very afraid! You better be on your best behaviour.

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  • Liz

    Hey Dougie!
    Happy BIrthday – it’s today isn’t it? Good news on the residency front, hope all goes well for everything house-wise. Also great to hear that you’re both so busy, and that the girls are following you around for once – lol!

    Hugs to you all,


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