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It’s Official!

Last week we heard that we’d been accepted for permanent residency, but still had a load of paperwork to complete and get sent off to Buffalo in the US for the final checks to be made. Yesterday we finally received everything we needed. However, in order to complete the process and get our permanent resident status, we had to leave the country.

Our lawyer assured us that it was a quick process – “20-30 minutes tops” he said! So, after supper last night we got in the car and headed south. Unfortunately the traffic around Montreal conspired against us and it took us 2 hours to get to the border, but we did it (with a Tim Horton’s stop en route for doughnuts to keep the girls sweet). We then had to go through passport control at the border into the US, do a U-turn and come back into Canada. What a palaver!

90 minutes later we finally re-emerged from immigration with the official stamps in our passport and the pieces of paper that show us a permanent residents. Phew!!! It was a very late night for the girls, with us getting home just before 11pm. They were vile this morning as they went out of the door to school – looks like fun times ahead when they get back…

So…what does it mean for us? Well, not a lot really, except that we have more rights now in Canada…don’t need work permits, can come and go freely and generally have the same rights as Canadian Citizens in Canada, except for voting rights. It does mean, though, that we can’t leave Canada for up to 8 weeks until our official PR cards arrive. Looks like we’ll be vacationing in Canada this year then!!!

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