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The Rideau Canal

Just back from two weeks on the Rideau Canal in a houseboat. The canal goes between Kingston and Ottawa, linking a series of lakes and rivers to make what was intended to be an alternative supply route for the English in the early 1800s, save from those maurauding Americans (trying to take over Canada and make it part of the USA during the 1812 war). Luckily it was never attacked and so today stands as a reminder of the past and is used by tourists and locals alike to move between the lakes.

We started in Smith’s Falls, and headed north the Ottawa before turning around at Ottawa and then going almost the length of the canal to near Kingston, before returning to Smith’s Falls. There was plenty of wildlife to see, swimming in the lakes, fishing and general relaxing. We stopped at Locks each night, each other managed by Parks Canada, and most were a wonderfully peaceful location.

Our favorite section was between Jones’ Falls and Newboro, a section of smallish lakes with lots of islands to add interest. There were a lot of cottages around the lakes, which look like a wonderful place to get away from it all.

If you asked Millie and Sophie what their favourite bit of the holiday was,  they would tell you it was listening to a parrot singing along to the Sam Brown’s “You better stop” at the last lock we stopped at.

We’ll try to sort out the photos and post some shortly.

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