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December 2019
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Soccer … Pool ….

So this year Millie and I are playing eleven a side soccer for lakeshore soccer in house league. We have played for the last two years but seven a side. At the beginning, we last 2-0 about five times straight but we turned it around and have won four games in a row. Last game we won Five – One. Our goalie had no shots taken on her in the first half, and I got my first goal.

This year we have joined beacon hill pool. Here in Canada you have either a pool in your backyard or you are a member at a pool. At beacon hill pool we have swimming lessons. Millie and I are in the same level (level eight ) but in different classes. You also can join the water polo team, the syncro team, the diving team or the swim team. We are not doing any this year. They also have free swim every day. You can dive/jump off high or low diving boards ( the high one is a bit scary ). And some times during free swim the life guard will call Free D witch means that you can go into the deep end without worry about the people jumping off the diving boards. At the beginning of July, Millie, Dad and I went scuba diving in the pool!!!! It was so fun. The equipement was heavy. But towards the end it was getting a bit cold so Millie and I got out while the others went into the deep end.

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