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November 2019
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Time to be thankful

Just realised the time since the last post… time has raced by, it will be Christmas soon!

As I sit down to write this post it’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, so Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

There really is so much to be thankful for. We’ve been blessed with the most amazing weather this summer, and now as the trees turn red, gold, yellow and brown, mother nature puts on a show that is simply mind blowing. Fall is such a pretty time of the year, I just love it. And then as the temperatures start to drop, it’s a sign that the snow will be with us soon, and that means skating in the garden, snow forts, skiing, and snow shoeing – another magical season.

We can be thankful for our four years in Canada, and hopefully many more to come. The last four have passed so quickly, it does not feel like it is four years since we packed up our house and watched our belongings heading up the road in a large orange container only to see them a month later in Canada. In a few weeks, we will be packing up the boxes again, but this time to move into the house we’ve bought in Beaconsfield, having sold our house in Solihull. Our time as tenants will come to an end, to be replaced with Jo’s “To do” list of tasks to be completed around the house. There will be a few weeks of chaos as we get a new kitchen fitted, but after that it will be nice to be in our own house.

We’re thankful that we obtained our permanent residency in Canada, and are now on a path to becoming citizens. We love being in Montreal, and are trying to embrace the french language. Millie and Sophie are enjoying their last year at ecole St Remi, and are now on the journey to finding a high school. A sure sign they are growing up fast. Their french is still getting better at a faster rate that Jo and mine – we put it down to the younger mind being able to soak it up!

We’re thankful for the opportunities, Canada and life gives us. The chance to play hockey, Ringuette, soccer, orienteering, canoeing, skiing – the list could go on. The chance to go to a cottage for the weekend, laze by or in a lake, to fishing and paddle through the early morning mist, or just sit with a good book and soak up the peace and quiet and sunshine.

We’re thankful for our friends and the people we meet and that live around us. We’re thankful we live in an open and democratic society. We may moan about some of the political decisions, but we have to be thankful that Canada is such an open and welcoming society, and not as oppressive as some other countries and their political systems or lack of.

In summary – Life is good – and for that we are truely thankful!

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