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November 2019
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Too long since the last post

Time to devote a bit more attention to the blog, it’s been too long since the last posting, so having found a few minutes I thought I should add a quick update. Sophie wrote the last post way back in the summer, when she was enjoying swimming at the pool, and the warm weather. A few months later, not a pool in sight as the snow has arrived and give us a white carpet across the land, all the more beautiful when lit up with the holiday lights.

As I write this, I’m sat back in Solihull (UK), our first visit for 2  1/2 years. There’s a sense of familiarity that returns, but also a number of changes. The faces we see are older, children have grown up, all seem about a foot taller than before, but the rhythm of life beats on. But one thing we have really enjoyed so far is the opportunity to catch up with friends and family. Jo got her first hugs with our ‘new’ niece Daisy who is only 2 years old now. On Sunday night, we met up with some great friends, some of which we had not seen for 15 years, but it only felt like yesterday when we were heading to Snowdonia to camp at Capel Curig for New Year, then making a seige assualt on Snowdon, taking two days to climb it after the effects of trying to keep warm in the pub the night before! A flying visit to Bristol enabled us to enjoy some time with Marsha and Jon’s tribe yesterday and saw us do battle with an assault of wind and rain that grinds the UK to a halt, but we’ve now come to accept as a late fall day in Montreal. We hope to share the delights of a Canadian summer with their son, Alex next year, if we can arrange for it to happen. The holiday is only just starting and we have many more friends to catch up with, and so little time to do so,if we miss someone it is not intentional but just a lack of time.

We’ve had the chance to introduce Millie and Sophie to real curry. How lucky, the UK is to be an open multi-cultural society with all the diversity it brings. If only the minority in Quebec could be the same! If  Quebec put as much effort into its infrastructure, education and healthcare as it does into creating political capital out of what should be non-issues, it could dream of roads like the UK!

That said, the UK can learn a lot from Canada, we love the life we have in Canada, the ability for Millie and Sophie to really enjoy their childhood, the availability of sports, the wonderful games of Ringuette and Hockey. The winters are wonderful, if embraced and A large part of me is disappointed I missed the extra dump of snow over the past week. Note to self – Must find time to ski, snowshoe and skate more outside this winter!

And finally drawing on some inspiration from a columnist in the Montreal Gazette:

The Heros: Lifelong Friends, Family, Carey Price, PK Subban, Luis Saurez, clear english road signs, english beer, Multiculturism, Openness and Tolerance, the snowclearers,

The Zeros: Quebec Charter of Values (or lack of), Pauline Marios, Boston Bruins,

Have a great holiday season, and celebrate it in the way that suits you and your beliefs best,


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