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A new day

As I got to the station this morning, despite the grey skies and a bit of rain, there seemed to be a spring in everyone’s step. There were more smiles on the platform and more conversation on the train. As I walked towards my first meeting, there was a warm feeling of satisfaction that those who were able to vote last night got it right.

For those of our friends and family who might read this in the UK, then the following might be a bit hard to understand. But for the past 18 months we have suffered with a Provincial Government that has appeared driven by a desire to divide the people of Quebec, to alienate the minorities, to rally against the wider Canada. All their efforts have been to try to legislate a greater use of the French language, or to impose restrictions on ethnic minorities, why? It was all been a thinly veiled attempt to play on feelings of insecurity and an attempt to generate a political majority so the PQ could drive for independence. All of this being at the expense of the real issue of the economy, jobs, educations and health etc – i.e. all the things that really matter.

The end result is that you start to question whether Quebec is a place where you want to live, and bring up children. Jo and I even went through the hypothetical scenario that the PQ party actually got a majority, and then heaven forbid got to push for independence. Would we stay or go? The actions of the PQ party really caused many people to feel alienated.

But on the flip side, there are so many good things about Montreal and Quebec, the French language, the mix of French and English, the culture, life on the West Island, friends, etc etc. I consciously put French first on this list because it is a real attraction to living in Quebec. Millie and Sophie, and even Jo and I to some extent would never have been bi-lingual if we had stayed in the UK. I, for one, am determined to crack it, and get to the point where I truly feel comfortable speaking French. But if the state tells me that I have to do it, I’ll rally against it, why should I be forced to have to speak French and be told to forget the use of the English language! From the work I do, there is more than enough to encourage me that I need to learn French without extra laws forcing me to do so.

I’m thankful for all those who could vote yesterday, and took the opportunity to make the right decision by voting for the Liberal Party. Hopefully as Philippe Couillard said in his acceptance speech, now is the time to bring everyone together, and to rebuild the economy to provide the jobs necessary to make Quebec

If I had one more request it would be for Philippe Couillard to go one step further, and reopen the agreements with Canada, and make the necessary amendments to recognise Quebec as a distinct society, but to fully integrate Quebec into Canada, thus reducing the possibility of future divisions. But maybe that’s a step too far for now.


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