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November 2019
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Summer’s Here

Things finally seen to have started to calm down a bit this year, and now in the height of summer. From a personal point of view, two things have dominated. (1) hitting my head back in March, and suffering the lingering effects of a concussion ever since, and (2) trying to deliver a huge project at work, which has taken up more time then I would have liked as it has impacted upon Jo and the girls.

The concussion, or post concussion symptoms have been more of a frustration than anything else. It has limited what I can do, it has meant no hockey or real exercise since March. That has resulted in feeling and getting less fit, which has led to more frustration. It has ended up being a balance between trying to recover and trying to get some essential things done, all the time knowing that any brain activity slows down the recovery. So hopefully if work gets easier that will help the recovery. One of the things I really noticed though, was that if I tried to do too much, my body just said stop and that meant rest and sleep. It was particularly hard when the Habs were in the playoffs, and Liverpool were vying for the Premiership title, as watching sport on TV didn’t help my head at all. especially if the game was exciting or stressful.

One thing I have found I can do with little impact is canoeing so I’ve tried to get out when I can. Together with Millie and some friends, last weekend, I headed up to La Verendrye for a weekend of canoe camping. It was nice to get away from the city, and escape to the wilderness, of lakes and trees and loons. It was Millie’s first time canoe camping and I think she enjoyed it, even with the bugs!

The weekend was a great opportunity for Sophie and Millie to spend some time apart, and some one on one time with Jo and I respectively. It is something we have realised that they might need a bit more of. As far as work goes, the project which has kept me busy for nearly two years now is the design of the New Bridge for the St Lawrence. In late June, the images of the new bridge were released by the Minister for Infrastructure in Canada, an the next phase of procurement begins. It has been a fun project, if a bit manic at times due to the accelerated timescale involved. So while Jo and I work, the girls are enjoying their long summer break after successfully completing their first year of secondary school at College de Montreal. They have grown more independent, and certainly more fluent in French and are now completely bi-lingual. The girls are enjoying the local pool most days, when they can put down their ipads! Hopefully we can find time to enjoy the rest of the summer, and all the good weather that goes with it. We’ve got a few weeks away as a family to look forward to, so a cottage on Georgian Bay with canoeing and fishing for me, books for Jo, it could be what the doctor ordered.

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