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November 2019
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What a Winter!

We’re just coming through our seventh winter here in Montreal. I think it’s true to say that not one has been the same and we still can’t work out the “typical” winter. Snow came early this year – we saw our first snow settle towards the end of November. However, some mild weather just before Christmas meant that it was all gone for the festive season. It was our first “green” Christmas here! ┬áBut things were about to change…

Just after New Year we had an ice storm. It snowed a little, the temperature rose and so it rained on top…then the temperature plummeted and everything turned to ice. And the freezing temperatures stayed. Our driveway was covered in ice inches thick, and was treacherous. The temperatures were too cold for rock salt to work on the roads, so the cities had to use crushed stones instead.

We are used to having the odd day that is -20C or below, or even a few days at a time…but not weeks on end. February turned out to be the coldest on record.

Thankfully, over Christmas we decided that we would need some warmth for March break and arranged a holiday to Central America (more about that in the next post!) and, boy, did we need it! We came back to Montreal refreshed, missing the ocean, but feeling like we could now cope with the last few weeks of Winter. However, today I’m not so sure…it’s 4th April now and it’s STILL SNOWING! Yesterday was a wonderful +10C, the sun was out and it felt like Spring. The snow was melting and we were beginning to see the (albeit dead) grass peeping through. We woke up this morning to more white stuff.

Bring on the Spring and warm weather!!!

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