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Belize – March Break

Just trying to catch up on a few posts that should have been made some time ago.


Our Cabana at the Tropical Centre

Back in March, we had a wonderful week in Belize with Island Expeditions on their ‘Glover’s Reef and River of Caves’ trip. It was an opportunity to get some sunshine after one of the coldest winters in Montreal. We flew to Belize City and then meet up with our guide who took us along with the rest of the group to the Tropical Centre for two nights.

On our first evening, we were treated to a night tour of Belize zoo. It was quite different seeing and hearing the animals – jaguars, howler monkeys, tapirs etc in the dark and when they are more active. The noise of the howler monkeys was incredible, and easy to see why it had been used for the T-Rexs in Jurassic Park.

Day 2 saw us heading into the jungle, with a trek through caves and jungles until we got to a river. Along the way we saw Mayan artefacts, and enjoyed the humidity of the jungle. then it was time to grab an inner tube and float down the river through some more caves back to the start.


Glover’s Reef

Day 3 we headed to Dangriga, a small town on the coast, where we picked up the boat to Glover’s Reef. This was Jo’s worst nightmare, a small fast boat bouncing off the waves for an hour as we headed out to the atoll, but once we were there… that was a different story. We were based on a small island with white sand and coconut trees in the middle of the turquoise green ocean. We quickly dropped our things in our tents (well, canvas cabins with beds) before a lunch of fresh fish and salads. The afternoon saw an introduction to sea kayaking, all made so much easier by the bath warm water!

The rest of the week was spent kayaking, snorkelling, standup paddleboarding, kayak

A glimpse of Paradise

A glimpse of Paradise

sailing, fishing, and relaxing – so good. Jo had arrived apprehensive about anything to do with water, and had no intention of putting her face in the water, but thanks to the patience of two of our guides by the end of the week Jo had overcome her fear of water and was snorkelling around the patch reefs and able to enjoy the amazing variety and colours of fish that lived on the reefs. The names and numbers are too numerous to remember, but we saw rays, and sharks, amongst the huge number of fish.

One thing we enjoyed was the food, which was fresh and tasty. All prepared on the island, with fish caught that day, or milk from the coconuts growing on the island. It was nice to have food that was not full of chemicals or genetically modified ingredients.

The girls enjoyed themselves, Millie especially liked the paddleboarding, and Sophie took to the snorkelling. I got the chance to go out on a fishing trip, although the much anticipated flyfishing for bone fish had to be postponed until next time as it was a bit on the windy side.

IMG_5778All too soon it was over and we were bouncing off the waves on the way to the mainland and the long flight home.

It was a great vacation and well worth going. Now we just have to decide when to go back.

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