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October 2018
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Millie and Sophie’s Canada Poem

Life in Canada

The house is so nice, there are no Mice,
In the Summer it is fun because of the sun,
In the fall it is fun to kick a ball
I wish we could have a pet but because of the let
If I had a wish I would wish for a fish.

We moved to Canada a year ago
That was way before the snow,
The leaves went red, yellow and brown
The wind blew and they all came down,
We swept them up with mum and dad
Jumping in them, made me glad.

When it snows and the wind blows
The sledging was fun even though it was cold, and daddy was bold,
In the winter I like to read and my tummy I must feed,
In the winter we go skating on a lake, afterwards we eat some cake.

At the cabin we catch big fish and frogs, then we go for a walk and see big dogs,
In the spring we bounce on our trampoline like jumping beans,
In the spring the snow does melt, warmer than I have felt.
Easter is the best because of the chocolate bunny,
Then daddy sneaks a piece, it is funny.

In the summer I go in the pool, the water is very cool,
In the summer we go swimming, then we go camping,
In the summer it is hot all day, outside we do play.

by Millie and Sophie

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