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September 2019
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A good start to summer

Well it’s been blue skies and over 25 degrees for the past couple of weeks, it’s been great. It is so nice driving alongside the lake each morning, makes you think that all’s well in the world. That said the lake is so much lower than normal it is starting to affect ships passing through the St Lawrence shipping  canal in to the great lakes.

Jo relaxing on the dock

Life ticks along, ringuette has now finished and the girls have started to play soccer – first match on Sunday! I’ve been orienteering a few times in the past month and come first both times for the course I ran. At thsi point I have to say that the competition isn’t very fierce. To put it into context, at the last event at Bois de Liesse I turned my ankle very badly halfway round. It was enough to make me stop and then slowly hobble for 5 or so minutes before gingerly jogging on (probably not the best plan!), and I still came first. I then struggled to drive home and spend the afternoon in the Emergency room only to find it was badly sprained. That was two weeks ago and my ankle has still not returned to its original size, but it’s getting there. We’ve been following the hockey playoffs but more of that later.

Last weekend we enjoyed a long weekend at the cabin we visited a couple of times last summer. We met up with Tracy, Max, Ethan and Fin and had a fantastic weekend of canoeing, sailing, fishing, swimming, beer, strawberry daiquiris, and hockey. I finally managed to catch a fish with my fly rod, that trout won’t be far away but they just weren’t bitting.

The only issue was that the black flies and mosquitoes were out in force and Millie and Sophie in particular got eaten alive. Covering yourself in the ‘oh so soft’ just does nothing but attract the flies, no here it needs industrial strength insect repelent.

Doug sailing the Lazer with Millie

I was lucky enough to have a go on Max’s Lazer. I’ve never really sailed before so it was fun having a go. I only ended up in the water a couple of times as I got sails, rudder and ropes all in the wrong places. I took Millie and Sophie out as well, with them hanging onto the mast at the front. Sophie joined me on one of the unplanned swims. That said the water was warm and it was quite refreshing and a chance to cool off.

Out sailing with Millie

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  • Kim

    YOu see if I’d given you that book earlier you’d have caught a fish months ago! Love to all xx

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