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Un weekend magnifique!

Last Wednesday we welcomed the Penhalluricks to Montreal for a few days. After Millie and Sophie guided them around downtown Montreal on Thursday, we headed off to a cabin near Tremblant for the weekend.

Early morning on the Diable

It was a great opportunity to catch up, relax and have some fun. On Saturday we went for a walk just outside Tremblant before relaxing with an ice cream in Tremblant village whilst listening to a live band ‘The Ladies of the Canyon’ in the village square. We finished the day with a campfire led by the girls.

Both Saturday and Sunday morning I got up early to go fly fishing, but not a single bite. The river was low and I guess the fish had headed elsewhere, but it was nice to get out and ponder life.

Sunday we all headed in to the Parc du Tremblant, and after a quick change of plans we hired an extra canoe and spent a wonderful day paddling on and swimming in Lac Monroe. The girls had fun jumping out of the canoe and building sand dams and castles.

We rounded off the weekend with a fantastic meal at Baton Rouge on the way home – the staff were great sorting out all the different allergies.

The time together was over too soon. It was great to be able to show Fiona, Andy, Eva and Beth a little part of our life in Montreal.

The Penhalluricks and Balmers

1 comment to Un weekend magnifique!

  • Eva Penhallurick

    Hi Balmers,

    Glad you enjoyed having us over, the rest of our trip was almost as good as the cabin weekend. I hope the girls have started back at school alright, me and Beth are already on half-term (bliss!!).
    Seeing Canada was lovely, and can’t wait to see you again.

    Lots of hugs,

    Eva 🙂

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