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Rockies pt 2 – Calgary Zoo

So a day of dinosaurs was followed by a day at Calgary Zoo. It’s a huge zoo with large enclosures for the animals and one of the best in North America. As we ambled through the zoo, it was nice to be able to drop into various presentations by the zoo staff. We learnt about bears, tigers, elephants and gorillas.

All the presentations were interesting and aimed at keeping all the kids involved. At the talk on bears, they had two boys get dressed up as a black bear and a grizzly bear to show the differences. In case you’re interested, you can’t tell by the colour, because black bears can be blond, brown, black – in fact most of the colours of human hair. The differences are that grizzlys have a hump on their shoulders (Muscles from digging), Grizzlys have much longer claws than Black bears, again to help with digging, and grizzlys have small round ears, not larger ears like black bears. So next time you meet one, you’ll know which it is and whether you really have to worry or not!

We did see three Moose in the zoo, which was nice, but unfortunately for the girls it does not really count as we need to see a really wild moose whilst we in Canada – the search will go on!

Anyway it is probably better to add a load of photos so you can see some of what we saw before we headed off to Banff.

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