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August 2019
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And the year marches on

I awoke this morning with great ideas for updating the blog, but they have all disappeared, so we’ll see where we go. November is a strange month, not really fall but not yet winter. The temperature goes up and down, this time fluctuating between +15 and -5°C, almost on a daily basis. The only constant is that on average it gets colder, there’s more ice on the puddles, and gets wetter under foot. We had our first couple of centimetres of snow yesterday, but are still waiting for that first big snow storm. That said we’re prepared, the house has been winterised, leaves cleared and gutters cleared out, deicing cables fitted to the roof, grit and snow shovels ready, skis stacked by the garage door, and the wood pile ready.

The Habs have become a big part of our lives, although to see them in action at Centre Bell is nigh on impossible, tickets are like gold dust, and getting four together is wishful thinking without paying around $1,000. So we watch each game, almost every other night, willing the Habs on. Sophie is so enthusiastic it is so much fun to watch, together with her commentary on which players are cute or not. It’s been a good start to the season so long may it continue.

The Christmas spirit has landed, especially with the snow yesterday, and all the radio and shops filling the air with Christmas songs. I’m not sure if we’ve mentioned this before but the Christmas songs are more varied than I remember in the UK, some more laid back, others country, and then some fun – ‘I want a hippopotamus for Christmas’, being a regular on the radio.

Ringuette marches on too. I’ve completed my first coaching qualification, and my skating is getting better. Our team is improving all the time, even if the results don’t quite reflect it. Millie and Sophie are still really enjoying it , and getting better and faster all the time. Millie’s become one of our two goalie’s, and loved the fact that the ref, the other team’s coaches and our head coach commented on how well she played last week – lots of good saves. We try to focus on the fun rather than the winning, which seems to be working as we have just about all girls to every practise and game. So Go Penguins Go!!!

Jo’s curling goes from strength to strength, both her teams have been promoted to higher leagues in the last week or so, which is great news. Jo played in her first tournament for Glenmore yesterday, and whilst her team drew their game, I’ll have to leave it to Jo to explain how the scoring all works – but she had fun all the same.

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