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My Answers from Santa

I wrote a letter to Santa and asked him a few question, here are some of my answers from Santa.

1.Why does Rudolph have a red nose?

   That is a very good question, and one that needs a very good  answer. Rudolph is a very special reindeer, who was born with a red  nose. You know that some people are born with red hair, well Rudolph  was born with a red nose. It doesn’t really light up like they say in  all the old songs, but it is still a very nice red nose. I think all  the other reindeer would really like one as well. 

   2. Does he like carrots?

   Rudolph loves carrots. They help him see in the dark. Very useful  when we are flying between all those houses. He also gets hungry with  all the flying he has to do, so thank you for leaving him carrots.

   3. Why do they poop on people’s drives?

   You know what they say, what goes in – must come out! Ho ho (sorry  my little joke) Anyway all reindeer need to go to the toilet sometime,  and well after one too many carrots maybe it happens on a driveway or  maybe in a field or on a house.  

Here is another thing that her said: I’ll tell you a little secret – one year we were flying over Vienna  I think it was, and I think all the reindeer had been given slightly  dodgy carrots by a little girl or boy early on Christmas Eve. Well, 
let’s just say the rain was a little brown that night… ooops! (I  hope they didn’t make too much mess).

Plus Ole hyvä teidän isille ja äidille

Which means Be good to your mother and father.


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